About the “Life Under the Sun” Series

Life Under the Sun: Building Success in a Crumbling World

Summary: Life can feel like a treadmill … just working and striving, rising and sleeping … the days go by, the months accumulate. We work toward successes personally, and in family and career. Yet the years pass quickly; and what is there to show as having been successfully built in a world that crumbles around us even more rapidly? But we’re not the first to have these feelings. No less than the wisest and most materially successful man of all time could say, “Amen!”  But Solomon in Ecclesiastes gives wise perspective as well, for time and eternity.

Here are the six sermon dates and titles for this series. Join us Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Date Title Speaker Text Newsletter
4/22  The Cycles of Life in a Fallen World Randy 1:1-11; 3:1-11 3:1
4/29  All You’ve Ever Wanted: The Myth of Entitlement Chris 1:12 – 2:26 2:24
5/6  Dust to Dust: The Myth of Permanence Randy 3:14 – 4:6 3:14
5/13  The Myth of Joy in the Abundance of Riches Randy 5:10 – 6:12 5:10
5/20  The Joy of Living, Even in a Crumbling World Randy 11:1-10 11:8
5/27  Wisdom for Living a Constructive Life Randy 12:1-14 12:13


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