About the “Life Race” Series

LIFE RACE: Running Like Paul

Summary: The Apostle Paul was apparently a sports fan, likely of the popular Greek/Roman games that featured foot races of various distances. He used the metaphor of running a race like a champion competitor as illustrative of the Christian life. But more than words, we also have the example of his own life race. It is one to which we can relate. From a mixed background he was gloriously saved; and along the way he experienced the greatest joys, yet also knew of difficulty, pain and sorrow. But through it all, to the very end, Paul determined to run his race well. His life and writings are exemplars for us as we run our life races. So run along with us this summer as we think about the LIFE RACE.

Schedule … This is our first sermon series with Chris having moved on in life to marriage and surely many other great things, but we will be able to have him speak on four of the 13 Sundays of this study that ends on Labor Day weekend…

6/11 The Myth of a Natural Runner: Not Doomed by Your Past Randy Acts 7:54–8:3; Philip. 3:1-10 Series Introduction. There is no person beyond the reach of God’s grace and eventual use as His servant.
6/18 Called to be a Runner: Chosen by the Coach Randy Acts 9:1-19; Gal. 1:11-24 Salvation is all about God’s grace finding us in our lost condition and calling us to Himself through the provision of the cross.
6/25 Training for the Life Race: Growing as a Disciple Chris Acts 9:19-31; 11:19-30 Even great gifts and zeal need discipleship, mentoring and growth over time to be greatly used of God.
7/2 Learning to Run the Race Well Tim Acts 13 Running well in the Life Race means living in the power of the Spirit, the Word, and God’s master plan.
7/9 Racing Against the Opposition Randy Acts 14 Opponents in the Life Race are very real, very active and very serious about thwarting victory … but ultimately powerless to prevail.
7/16 Prioritizing Team Goals: Racing for Truth Chris Acts 15:1-35 Running the Life Race well requires an accurate understanding of the gospel and God’s truth and program.
7/23 Running the Right Pace: Not Pacing with this World Randy Acts 17 The message of truth in the Life Race will be out of step with the rest of the world, and this is to be expected.
7/30 The Joy of Running Well: Race Victories Trent Acts 18; 19:1-22 Though difficulties are never rare, the faithful proclamation of God’s Word in the Life Race will yield true and eternal fruit by God’s grace.
8/6 Sustaining Race Discipline: Internal Opposition Chris Romans 7 The faithful competitor in the Life Race must be ever vigilant and aware of his own inner struggles that he not be disqualified by sin.
8/13 Maintaining Pace in the Face of Skeptics and Critics Randy Acts 25+26 The long Life Race will take the runner in front of many skeptics and critics who will debate and doubt the reality of the race.
8/20 Teammates in the Race of Life Randy Acts 20:13-38 The Life Race is not run alone, as God gives us others with whom we may train, compete and serve together.
8/27 The Final Kick: Finishing Well in the Race of Life Tim Acts 27:16,31-32; 2 Timothy 4 Often the most difficult portion of the Life Race is the final stretch, best accomplished with a specific plan to finish well.
9/3 A Racing Legend: Leaving a Legacy Chris Various; Philip. 3:7-21 Running the Life Race is more than merely finishing well ourselves, but to also determine to leave a legacy for those who follow.

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