About the “Footsteps” Series

“Footsteps: Galilee, Gethsemane, Golgotha and Glory”

To be like someone and to copy the qualities of their life, you must intimately know that someone. The call of Jesus to follow him as his disciple echoes down through the corridors of time to us today. Therefore we need to grow to know Jesus Christ, to follow in his footsteps, becoming ever more like him through the power of the Spirit dwelling within us.

There is perhaps no greater study than that which we undertake in this extended series on the life of Christ, bridging the two great Christian holiday seasons of Christmas and Easter. So let us marvel anew at the coming of Christ in humility, following then his footsteps through Galilee to Gethsemane and Golgotha, gazing as well toward glory from which we look forward to the coming again of our Savior. And let us thereby grow to be Christlike.

Here is the current speaking schedule that is confirmed through early January. The topics and titles are final, but the speaker list will be filled out around about the turn of the year.

Date Speaker Title Passage
12/3/17 Randy “Following the Footsteps of Christ: Christlikeness” Various
12/10/17 Randy “The Necessity of a Redeemer: The Story Behind the Story” Various
12/17/17 Chris “The Ancestry.com Family Tree of Jesus” Matt. 1, etc.
12/24/17 Randy “The Perfect Kid” Luke 2:41-52
12/31/17 Tim “He’s THE ONE!” Various
1/7/18 Randy “The Great Future of an Average Joe” John 1:35-51; Matt. 9:9-13
1/14/18 TBA “Forgiveness of Debt – Sin Debt” Luke 7:36-50
1/21/18 TBA “Salt and Light” Matthew 5:13-16
1/28/18 Randy “Looking Beneath the Surface” Matthew 7:13-29
2/4/18 Randy “The Cost of Discipleship” Matthew 10:24-42
2/11/18 Randy “It’s the Dirt that Counts” Matthew 13
2/18/18 TBA “Who do YOU say that I am? Matthew 16:1-20
2/25/18 TBA “Who Can be #1?” Matthew 18:1-5; 19:16-30
3/4/18 Randy “Table Talk” Luke 14:1-24
3/11/18 TBA “One Miracle Too Many” John 11:1-57
3/18/18 ———- Kids Ministry Annual Musical Program ———————
3/25/18 Randy “The Pinnacle Moment” (Matt. 21:1-9; Luke 19:29-44)
3/30/18 TBA Good Friday  
4/1/18 Various “The Living Hope” Various
4/8/18 Randy “Final Proof, Final Words” John 21
4/15/18 Randy “Walking While Waiting” Acts 1:1-11

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