About the “Counterintuitive” Series

“Counterintuitive: Instinct Busters of Faith”

Counterintuitive, by definition: counter to what intuition would lead one to expect, something not easily understood in an instinctive, unconscious way. As we grow in faith and in the knowledge of the Scriptures, we learn that God’s way often is not the way of our instincts. Love your enemies? Strive to be a servant? Gaining the most by giving the most? Greatness through weakness? These and other similar themes were modelled by Christ Jesus, and our calling is to take up our cross and follow him. The way to the top is indeed through the bottom.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Date Title Speaker Main Idea(s)
6/3/18 “The Strength of Being Weak” Randy We are truly strongest when we are at our weakest, most needing to then be dependent upon God.
6/10/18 “Loving Your Enemies” Randy Crushing an enemy is the call of our human nature, but the call of God is to love enemies and overcome evil with good.
6/17/18 “Daily Living by Daily Dying” Chris The Christian life is not so much about going from victory to victory but is rather a daily experience of the sacrifice of “taking up your cross” to follow Jesus.
6/24/18 “Finishing First by Finishing Last” Randy The richest people in God’s eyes are those who have given away the most; the winners in God’s eyes are those who have preferred others over themselves.
7/1/18 “The Contentment of Serving” Randy We would think that the ultimate life of ease would involve being constantly served by others, when in fact, true contentment comes from serving others.
7/8/18 “The Direction of Defilement” Tim It would seem that sickness comes from eating something defiled, but greater defilement is evident through words used.
7/15/18 “Signing up for Persecution and Suffering” Randy Though we may think that being persecuted for our faith is extraordinary, it is rather the daily experience that should actually be expected.
7/22/18 “The Way to be Truly Great” Trent The world’s system is to fight to the top and establish one’s greatness by extraordinary effort. Jesus says the model of greatness is to be like a child in our trust.
7/29/18 “Happy to Live, Happier to Die” Randy We want to cling to life in this world and grasp onto it for as long as possible, yet the better world and greater life is yet to come by being with the Lord.
8/5/18 “Choosing the Narrow Path” Tim The broad highway travelled by most people would appear to be obviously the correct path, but God calls us to the narrow road that leads to life.
8/12/18 “Small Faith that is Huge” TBA We believe we should muster up huge amounts of faith, whereas small faith in the right object is what counts.
8/19/18 “The Inside Trumps the Outside” Randy We are jars of clay. Though we are dying daily on the outside, we are growing in life on the inside day by day.
8/26/18 “The Unseen Enemy” Randy Though it may seem that our fight is against flesh and blood, the real battle is an unseen spiritual conflict.

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