Christ and Culture: Living as Dual Citizens (Esther 1-12)

As a part of this season of the year, we at TSF offer for you a number of classes and small groups to join. At 11:00 each Sunday morning (following the 9:30 service), we offer a handful of different electives.

Along with choices on walking through end of life issues and a class on parenting, there is an elective to discuss the morning sermon theme in greater detail and application. Over the next six weeks, Chris Wiles will be doing this. Here are some leading questions about what will be discussed.

Chris writes:

Christ’s followers find themselves living as citizens of two cities: the city of God and the city of man.  Yet these two cities seem to be further apart than ever before.  How can we learn to apply the gospel to the issues of our culture?

Sept 13: A Tale of Two Cities: What is Culture?

  • What do we mean by “culture?”
  • Are we involved in a “culture war?”
  • How can Christians be citizens of this world while hoping in the next?

Sept 20: What has IKEA to do with Jerusalem?  The Social Construction of Reality

  • Why does the world look so different from a generation ago?
  • How do ideas shape our society?
  • Are there such things as “absolutes?”

Sept 27: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that:” The possibility of ethics in the late modern world

  • Is anything wrong with anything?
  • Are morals based on facts or opinions?
  • Can a non-Christian world practice Christian virtues?

Oct 4: Arts and entertainment: Worship in the gallery, the theater, and the stadium

  • How do the arts shape our culture’s values?
  • What is the Christian attitude toward arts and entertainment?
  • What does “The Big Game” reveal about our heart’s desires?

Oct 11: Religion: Can’t we all just coexist?

  • Is religion shaped by culture, or is culture shaped by religion?
  • What’s the difference between “spiritual” and “religious?”
  • Why is Christianity no longer a powerful social force?

Oct 18: Redeeming tolerance: Gracious speech in an age of offendedness

  • What is the Christian story?
  • Isn’t it wrong to impose our views on others?
  • Can free speech coexist with political correctness? 
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